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free radical FAQ's

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What is free radical?

Free radical is a not for profit, low cost, high value alternative [or
adjunct] to existing photography groups. It is a loosely structured entity
with a focus geared more towards the soul of photography rather than
marketing and business.

Who can become a free radical?

Membership is open to anyone with a passion for photography, a desire to
share knowledge and learn more about the art of photography - professional,
amateur, assistant, student, teacher, city dweller, country, international
etc. etc. Free radical is inclusive and non discriminatory

What are the aims of free radical?

To promote an appreciation of the art of photography, to share knowledge, to
encourage debate and discourse on all things that relate thus, and to have a
good time in the process.

How do I become a free radical?

Buy yourself a numbered free radical badge for $10 and get your name on the
free radical email list. Moneys and your postal address to: free radical
World HQ 37 Coliban Drive Lyonville Vic 3461 [cash or money order only
please] or pay at your first meeting. Your numbered badge will be available
in due course.[In fact you don't even need the badge to get on the mail
list. It's totally free - but only if you are on email!]

When do free radicals meet?

Free radical is designed to be driven by the needs and aspirations of it's
members and not by an executive pushing an agenda. Meetings will happen on
an ad hoc basis. Any badge holder can arrange a meeting. Pick a topic, date,
time, venue, do the organisation and circulate it to the email list. If it
appeals to the membership it will be a well attended and successful meeting.

Is there a charge to attend meetings?

Yes. most meetings have a charge of $5 per meeting for badge wearers and $10
for non badge wearers. Some meetings may be free. Some may be more
expensive. We endeavour to break even. This money will go to defray costs
involved in running the meeting - i.e. equipment hire, chairs, supper
etc.etc. Any funds not used for a specific meeting will go into a pool to be
used to stage an exhibition of photography submitted by badge holders when
such funds permit or to support some other photographically worthy

Does free radical have a constitution?

No, free radical is anarchic. Free radical is free form. Free radical
doesn't have an executive or a bank account or an ABN or a receipt book.
Funds are kept in a cookie jar. Free radical is about Photography.!!! But
then again you might like it to be something else. The nature of the beast
is that it will be what it will be. Right here and now it is an autocracy.
If you want it to be something else, get off your bum and do something about
it. The concept is not copyrighted, the badge is not a registered trademark.

Participate. Come to a meeting. Bring a friend. Spread the word. Free
radical rules!!

"what's the point of an ugly piece of paper that will last forever?"
david hockney

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