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Yup! we're sick of not having www in our URL. Sick of them pesky popups.
Sick of sitebuilders incompatability with Mac OS. So we've done up and moved [with thanks to fr#688 Cameron Stephen, who has put it all together] to a new website -
Check it out and update your bookmark. [this is the last update to this URL]

Farewell tripod site!! You have served us well, but we are older and wiser and it's time we moved on.

click here for a new free radical online experience [actually it's not much different from this one]

our mission

free radical is a group of photographers supporting the art of photography. Membership is non discriminatory and is open to anyone with an interest in photography. It is a group given to the promotion of photography without the shackles of organisational dogma and excessive regulation and without taking itself too seriously. free radical is the fastest growing photographic group in the country with a membership of over 600 Australia wide .You too can become a free radical. Life membership is just $10. Go to the members page for joining info


free radical have set up a flickr site to display members images. You can upload 5 images per week. So head to and set up an account, once you have done that, head to and click on the join this group link, you will have to leave a message letting us know who you are and your free radical member number. From there you will be added into the group.

click here to visit flickr

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